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On Air Digital's Ultimate Digital Studio II (UDS II) is an audio management and control system that defines the state of the art in systems integration.

Unlike other systems available to broadcasters, the UDS II is based on the theory that a radio station's programming is made up of several unique elements including commercials, IDīs, network feeds, remotes, news and music.

The UDS II controls the systems that perform these tasks, integrating audio hard drive storage, linear CD audio, network and remote feeds into one simple, easy-to-use control point.

What makes the UDS II so flexible is a combination of outstanding electronics and one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use operating systems on the market today.

The primary operating screen is the hallmark of simplicity and functionality.

Click each graphic to see the full-size screen capture.

UDS II Main Screen
  • Large intro timer
  • Large outro timer
  • Count up timer
  • Count down timer
  • Graphic time bar
  • Three event main display

A single key stroke takes the system from live control to AutoSegue (full walkaway) mode. A single key stroke starts the next item in either live control or AutoSegue mode.

These key strokes (and many others) may be remote-controlled by push buttons on the control-room console.

UDS II makes it easy to keep track of extended music sweeps. A press of a key brings up a list of music-only events, making front and back announcements a piece of cake. Last-minute changes are easy with UDS II. Simple single key commands allow you to:

UDS II Edit Window
  • Alternate sources
  • Change
  • Delete
  • Find
  • Insert
  • Locate
  • Move
  • Set Run time
  • Swap
  • Toggle update status

Any song in your music library can be found by title, artist, run time or intro time, making the UDS II the perfect request system. When searching for songs, UDS II displays the last time each song was played.

To protect the integrity of your format, the edit window may be password-protected.

Systems connected to digital audio hard drive storage systems (optional) can easily view and load inventory from the hard drive. UDS II accepts schedules from over 30 different traffic and billing systems, making it easy to schedule commercials, PSAs, etc.

UDS II lets you easily manage information about your music library from this window. Many of the items listed in this window may be imported directly from your music scheduling software

UDS II Music Library
  • Playback Level
  • Fade Length in/out
  • Cue in
  • Tight cue
  • Pitch (varispeed) available on certain CD changers.

All functions including playback level and pitch are available on a per-song basis, allowing the UDS II to work with pre-packaged libraries, consumer CDs or a combination of both with no problems.

The UDS II includes an easy-to-use hot key feature*. Hot Keys are arranged in groups of 10 digital audio cuts. Each operator may have his own page or his own group of pages, allowing the UDS II to be used in even the most demanding live application.
* When used with optional digital audio hard drive storage

UDS II On-Screen Mixer
  • 10 programmable events per page
  • Cut number & description
  • Preview through the audition output
  • Single key start/stop

The UDS II can manage as many as 79 stereo/mono inputs. From the mixer window, you can control the playback level of each one of these audio inputs.

The UDS II remote control option allows you to control the system from virtually anywhere in the world using a modem and a laptop computer. No more board operator required for remote operation.

UDS II Weather Window
  • Simple source commands with
    easy-to-use cursor operation

UDS II also features pop-up windows for rotating liners and PSAs, a pop-up weather window, traffic window, note pad, perpetual calendar, and calculator. To learn more about how easy it is to use the Ultimate Digital Studio II, please download and run the demo: UDS II DEMO Download