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"If you're an existing UDS II customer (or a UDS I customer looking to upgrade to UDS II) the protected mode incentive package is just right for you. There's no need to "start over" and buy new equipment because you want features like "network backfill" or the ability to run music from your hard drive system. It's an affordable way to get great new features that enhance your overall sound and presentation, as well as a gateway into the next century. Later, if you want to go "all hard drive" you already have the software. And we can provide more than just one way to go "hard drive" when you're ready".


-- John Schaab
    General Manager - On Air Digital USA


Upgrade your present UDS system with
Protected Mode Incentive:

All brand new UDS II systems are sold with protected mode software included. But just in case our existing customers want a way to add the extra features in this new software package we now have the "protected mode incentive" upgrade. A bundle of new features and enhancements with a very small price. Check out the added features you get when you upgrade:

  • UDS-HD*: "UDS - Hard Drive" - Want to get serious about music on hard drive? UDS-HD allows you to address the individual outputs of the DCS, segues, fades, all the things you could do with a jukebox. Go total HD or any combination of HD and jukeboxes. (Requires a minimum of three play lines on your DCS or RS-HD.)

  • MOHD*: Stop playing games with those occasional hard drive music events. With "Music On Hard Drive", they can be addressed as first class music events. No DCS modifications are necessary and some segue restrictions apply due to mixed output operation.

  • NET FILL*: Eliminates poor segues before network joins by automatically substituting fill events.

  • ENHANCED VOICE TRACKING*: Automatically ducks the music, making the voice track stand out. Importable from most music schedulers

  • ENHANCED MUSIC SCHEDULER SUPPORT**: Import the playback level, tight cue, fade in/out and pitch (Changer dependent) from the most popular music schedulers.

  • MULTIPLE-DAY SCHEDULE LOADING: Load seven days of schedules in one operation.

  • MUSICMASTER NEXUS INTERFACE: Changes made to the MusicMaster Schedule are automatically imported and executed by the UDS II.

  • PRECISE SCHEDULE TIMES: UDS II can be configured to automatically update "scheduled-at" times whenever a new event is started. You may also manually update all "scheduled-at" times in the schedule with a single keystroke.

Protected mode software is available only on UDS II systems.
Contact On Air Digital USA today for pricing information.