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What's so great about the UDS II?

Upgrade potential - A serious concern with any system purchased is whether it can be upgraded in the future. UDS II does not "lock you in" to any one configuration.

Multiple configurations provide fast format adjustments - If you are dubbing music into a hard drive system getting ready for a "special weekend show" you will probably have to delete an equal number of songs that are resting to make room on the hard disk system for the "special" songs. Monday, the process must be undone and the other songs re-recorded. With UDS II, you have the option of total hard drive and configuring jukeboxes into the system. Great for handling things like special weekend programming and the holiday music season.

Feature rich - UDS II has tons of additional features like preview of upcoming songs, multiple jukebox configurations, jukebox pitch control, external device control, split audio channels allowing announcers to "touch the music" during segues. Also advanced schedule editing, on screen mixer control with up to 80 inputs, calendar, calculator, weather/psa/liner windows, network backfill, and many more.

The company behind the product - On Air Digital has a reputation for excellence and quality when it comes to product design, sales, and technical support. In fact, we would rather let our customers speak for us so we don't sound like we're bragging. Many of them have offered, and we might have someone in your area. Call us to find out.

Reliability - "The UDS II has proven so reliable that if need be you can push a button, walk away and know that everything scheduled will play perfectly without missing a single song or commercial". -Mitch Wein, Chief Engineer - Cox Radio, Miami ** "The reliability of the UDS/DCS combination is impressive. Neither the UDS II software or it's associated computer have caused me to be off the air for one minute in the past seven years." - Greg Pyron, Operations Manager - KOMC/KRZK

Price - UDS II systems are the most cost-effective linear system. Our price for a single base system might be a little higher than others, but when you try to do a linear system with hard drives (which we can also do) the price goes up considerably. With UDS II, you can mix and match hard drive and jukeboxes for the exact combination of price and functionality that you're looking for.

Who needs the Ultimate Digital Studio II?

  • Stations that want an all hard drive based system.
  • Stations that want the best audio possible, direct from the CD.
  • Stations that run live programming.
  • Stations that are completely automated.
  • Stations that want to control all on-air functions from a single,
    easy-to-use control point.
  • Stations who want to free their air talent from the mechanics of on-air
    operation, allowing them to concentrate on content and presentation.